As a "live" presenter, Charles is at his best when interacting with people. His charming manner is well-suited to the trade show environment where he is as comfortable giving an intelligent and intricate product pitch as he is playing a character role. The combination of Charles' dynamic personality, technical experitse and salesmanship brings more qualified leads into the booth creating a successful tradeshow for his clients.

His genuine enthusiasm lends a quality of aliveness to his presentation style that leaves people energized.

"He was absolutely on the mark!" ~Wendel Thom

In the increasingly high tech and competitive arena of corporate promotion, Charles brings a unique blend of warmth and humor backed by a depth of acting talent and an ease with people.

His corporate client list includes companies such as Apple Computers, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and others.

"I couldn't believe how many people he brought into the booth. He was gathering an audience, scanning badges....things I've never seen a presenter do before. We had a great show!" ~Stan Schwartz


"Charles is fab!" ~Lisa Chandler


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